2021-11-28 - 1. Advent - Jugenddiakonin Angelina Ahrens

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The Four Lights of The Shepherd Simons

The little shepherd Simor, has found his little lamb again. In the warm, brightly lit stable, it was waiting for him. It reminds us of another story where the shepherds discovered a newborn child in the stable, but we are nol there yet. Today the Advent season is just beginning and just like Simon, there is still a way ahead us that we will go until then. In Advent we wait and prepare for the 'arrival'. It offers us the chance to calm down, to think, to dream. We are asked to find God, to pause and to reflect. The Advent season is also there to think not only of ourselves. Like Simon, we can be a light to others. Our mission — to share, to support, to be a light in the darkness.

Jesus gives us that not on y everyone has to think about himself and above all has to see that he himself gets what he wants. You also know this from kindergarten: Maybe you want to have a toy now. But if someone else wants that too, then ...? Then there's a fight. And in the families there is often: "l want time for My job. I want to live MY dreams. I want MY peace and quiet now." If everyone only looks at what they want themselves, then the cooperation does not work.

If you can also give something to someone else, then that is good for togetherness. That we can do that ... in kindergarten but even the adults can give some of what they have, ... that no one has to think only of himself, but you can also think of the people around you, that is what Jesus gives us ... indeed he even asks us to do so: this is called sibling love and charity. Yes, there is even love of enemies with him, that ycu can still like someone who does you evil or whom you simply do not like.

Where you can, brighten up the world, make it brighter and friendlier. Just as the little shepherd Simon did: distribute the lght of kindness, the light of forgiveness, the light of mercy, the light of generosity.

Give off your light. And your path will lead you to God's light.



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